A day in Krispy Kreme

In case your wondering what Krispy Kreme is, just click and Continue reading “A day in Krispy Kreme”


Oversize trend and Growing up

Hello guys

I feel like I have to reintroduce myself again since I have been MIA and I also blanked out on here and entirely on social media for a while.. if you want to know why Continue reading “Oversize trend and Growing up”


Tips On Surviving After College

hey guys!!

Truthfully i have missed putting up something on here, it has been really challenging but i guess i am fully back to take up all that. I am very sorry for’s post is just gonna be about me and how to survive after school. Continue reading “Tips On Surviving After College”

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Thrifting in March

Yea! We already in the month of June. Actually I feel like this year is moving so fast, and I kinda like it cause this is the month I finally get to be done with school…. Trust me it’s so exciting. Continue reading “Thrifting in March”

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DIY (Jean choker)

oh yea i know its been like ages since i was here, my apologies… but guess what i am back! As usual i am always vibing to something so currently i am in ”Moonlight mode” by Ariana Grande..

Today’s post is about  doing  it yourself for a choker , sincerely i have been meaning to own a jean clothed choker and buying it for me is a waste of time when it can be easily done. so i finally made one and i decided to share. Continue reading “DIY (Jean choker)”

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Clean&Clear Facial Product

image.jpegHey guys!!!So for today’s post I’m going be confessing my love for this product “Clean&Clear” Continue reading “Clean&Clear Facial Product”

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Red vines

Currently loving bumpa ft falz 

if you read my previous post I talked about my ride or die closet items, but if you didn’t here>> Closet Confessions Continue reading “Red vines”

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Closet Confessions

Whose weekend went well?  

Hey guys, for the month January I found my self either on any of these Items most times…it really became a thing, and each piece could be worn in so many styles for me.

Don’t judge me, most of us are victims( if you can relate), No matter how much clothes we’ve got in our closet, we still find ourselves with some particular items… Continue reading “Closet Confessions”


AHAVA Mud and transparent mask.

Currently listening to nothing(lol)

Hello everyone, Been doing a little new routine on my skin and it has been amazingly good, so I thought why not do a review! So if you want to know what that routine is, Continue reading “AHAVA Mud and transparent mask.”


Signing in…..

Listening to Grateful by Rita Ora at the moment…image.jpeg

signing into 2017

2016 is all over and I’m totally grateful for everything, hoping 2016 would be better.decided to share my to do list for the year with you guys!! Continue reading “Signing in…..”